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When you need a taste of Italy, turn to our specialty food gourmet store. Shop now or contact us to experience the rich, full-bodied flavor of authentic Italian balsamic vinegar and olive oils. Our family-owned business can help elevate any meal with fine Italian ingredients.

After over 15 years in the industry, customers trust our recommendations and advice. Your taste buds won’t believe they’re not in Italy when you sample our aged balsamic vinegar, Italian extra virgin olive oil blends, gourmet pasta, marinades, and grilling sauces.

We specialize in excellence at a reasonable price. Choose from our top sellers, including basil, garlic and parmesan or rosemary and garlic olive oil to create spectacular salad dressings or enhance fresh-baked bread. If you have any questions about our Italian balsamic vinegar and oils, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to help you discover all the ways you can use our gourmet products to create incredible meals.


I am Italian born, I can tell you,  JD Gourmet is the BEST I have ever had.  Their balsamic vinegar is to die for.  If you like flavors they have it all.  You can drink this right out of the bottle and not be disappointed!.  Thank you JD for giving me an added pleasure when eating.  - Roseanne N.

"These are the best Oils money can buy;  I;m going to be a customer for life.  White Truffle Oil gives me life!!!  I started so many years ago that the brothers were still going out to push the oils at events!!  Linganore Wine Fest years ago !!!"  –Shauneille

"I admit to using other Vinegars and Oils, but JD's are my favorites!  Even my husband notices the diference - especially on salads.  Last week he noticed we were running low on Blueberry Balsamic and he urged me to place an order.  It is one of our favorites especially in the summer."  Judith  

"Purchased these product on Saturday at the New Castle Framers Market. Oh my God!! What a great product. I should of purchased a large Garlic. Great on veggies. When are you coming back to delaware so I can stock up."   –Torshael

"Another pleasant find was with JD GOURMET where we were greeted by a most personable college student Jeffery David Lee Elkins (yes, his father is from the south hence it would have been Jefferson Davis but parents settled for Lee). Jeffery didn't look any older than the 18 year aged balsamic vinegar blend and olive oils he was selling. To our surprise Jeffery went into business with his college age brother Jaymes. What entrepreneurs! It sure beats selling magazines door to door to help with your education. We tasted the Balsamic garlic and it was one of the best!"   –Nicole B. Brewer


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